Removals and Storage

Store Your Items the Correct and Safe Way with a Removals Company
Removals and storage companies offer a whole range of services, including wrapping, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and storage. These companies have workers who have a great deal of expertise, and who have been a part of hundreds of moves during their careers. These companies put customer satisfaction at the forefront, and want people to continue to utilize their services. A removal company that offers storage services will make your move extremely easy.

“Grand Removals provide secure and cost effective storage services using industry standard containers. Each container has a storage capacity of 250 cubic feet (7’6″x 7′ x 5′).

Our team will pack and make an inventory of your belonging that you would like to store before loading them onto our removal vehicles before before loading them into storage containers at our clean storage facility. Once the containers are loaded they are then sealed and securely deposited within the storage facility.

The table below provides a guide for the number of containers required for different sized properties:
Size of Property Furnished Heavily Furnished
Studio 1 x Container
1 Bed 1 x Container 2 x Containers
2 Bed 2 x Containers 4 x Containers
3 Bed 4 x Containers 6 x Containers
4 Bed 6 x Containers 8 x Containers
5 Bed 8 x Containers 10 – 12 Containers

Independently of what type of storage services you choose – all your items stored are covered with insurance up to £10 000 per container (or more if it is stated in the contract). In case you wish to raise the insurance cost, you will need to mention it beforehand, this service requires extra payment.

The above table is for guidance purposes only. Once the volume of your removal been calculated either using our online calculator or by booking a pre-move survey survey then a more accurate number of containers can be established for your proposed move to store.”

How to Hire One of These Companies for Removals and Storage
When you call a storage and removals company, they will send an employee to your location to evaluate what types of moving services you might require, the amount of goods that you want to remove, and what the cost might be based on their findings. Storage removals are a simple process if you aren’t moving a far distance, but they can be much more expensive the further away that you go. Once you have their initial estimate, you can determine if they have the services you are looking for and whether or not you want to hire them. The removal and storage quote will be subject to change if you take away or add services to the work order.

Things You Should Make Sure of When You Purchase Removals and Storage Services
When you go to hire a removals company, make sure that they have a good amount of insurance. Container insurance is especially important, because the containers are what will house the goods that you are storing. You should visit the facility where they intend to store your possessions, and make sure that it has security alarms. You should also make sure that it is completely waterproof so that your items won’t be ruined from water leakage. In most cases, you can pay a small fee for additional insurance for your valuable belongings, and it might not be such a bad idea considering the fact that many of your items may be priceless. Make sure that you get any insurance policies or removal contracts in writing, so that you have a detailed outline of what you can expect.

£13.5 / week for 250 sq feet container, for periods longer than 24 weeks
£16/ week for 250 sq feet container – for periods between 12-24 weeks
£18 / week for 250 sq feet container – for periods up to 12 weeks

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%