Terms and Conditions of removals

We will be sure that all the parties involved in the move know their responsibilities, rights and obligations. With Terms and Conditions we will ensure that the process will go as planned and no misunderstandings may occur on the given moving date. They are in place to ensure that the provided information is accurate so the correct size vehicle, number of movers and the correct tools are required to be able to conduct the move as agreed.

1. Quotations are subject to VAT but do not include parking fees or any customs duties or fees needed to be paid to government or other statory bodies and all such duties and fees (if there are any) shall be payable by the customer in addition to the quoted price

2. All prices are based on hourly rates unless previously agreed in the contract. All services have a minimum charge of two hours (with the exception of packing). If a job is to overrun the same hourly rates apply, likewise, if the job took less time the Customer will only be charged accordingly subject to minimum booking period.

3. The customer is obliged to provide following details for the Contractor to provide accurate quotations: address details of all collection / destination addresses; size of the property including storeys / number of bedrooms; lofts, sheds and / or garage each property has that the Customer needs to move items from; if a property is a flat, which floor it is on and if property is serviced by a working lift; will lift be able to convey all the items, if there is no lift or it is not working, what condition the stairs are for access; approx. distance (in meters) that the removal vericle can legally be parked (or be parked at customers own risk) from the properties entrance; a list of inventory including number and size of boxes; how many items can be / or need to be dismantled and therefore reassembled at the destination address (s). If going into storage, please advise the size of room booked in square feet.

4. The customer may be faced with additional charges if any or all circumstances occur and have not been taken into account when preparing the quotations and confirmed by the Contractor in writing, that include:

4.1. The quotations are valid 28 days and the customer did not accept the quotation in due time

4.2. The costs change because of currency fluctuations, changes in taxation, freight, fuel, ferry or toll charges, or any charges levied by third parties or increased costs that are beyond the Contractor’s control.

4.4. The work is carried out on a Sunday, or Public Holiday or outside normal hours (08.00-17.00hrs) Monday to Saturday at your request

4.4. Access to the collection of the delivery point is unsuitable for the removal vehicle

4.5. There are delays or events outside our reasonable control which increase or extend the resources or time allowed to complete the agreed work. This will result in overtime charges.

5. The quotation is not a guarantee that there will be vehicles available on the day the Customer requires. Accordingly the Customer’s signed acceptance of the quotations does not constitute the contract untill the Customer receives a written confirmation that the goods can be moved on the required date. The confirmation is sent within one working day of the Contractor’s recipt of the Customers acceptance of the quotation.

Ownership of goods
By entering the contract the Customer declares that:

1. The goods to be removed and/or stored are the customers own property, or

2. The customer has the authority of the property’s owner to make this contract in respect of the goods.

3. The customer will be responsible to pay for any claim for damages and costs against either of the above if this proves to be untrue

Goods not to be submitted for removal or storage
1.The following items are not permitted to be remover or storaged unless previously aggreed in the contract:

1.1 Jewelry, watches, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or collections. Prohibited items such as drugs, dangerous, damaging or explosive items including gas bottles, firearms and ammunition

1.2. Plants or food which may cause vermin or other pest infestation

1.3. Any animals and their cages or tanks

1.4 If the Customer posesses goods he is unsure with it is advised to request permission to be moved by the Contractor prior to the move date

Pricing and payment
1. The price for the Goods and Services is as specified in the Proposal and is inclusive of VAT and any applicable charges outlined in the contract. The quote show costs excluding and including VAT for the Customer’s reference.

2. Payment of the price shall be in the manner specified in the contract.

3. Payment is required by cleared funds in advance of the removal or storage period.

4. The customer may not withhold any part of the payment, failure to finalise the balance before the move date will result in the move being postponed until the balance has been paid.

5. Any cancellation fees incurred due to will be met by you. Refer to the Cancelation Charge part of the document.

6. Grand Removal accepts payment by most major debit and credit cards, and Paypal. A surcharge of 3.5 % for all credit cards and Paypal payments will be charged.

7. Payment is due 3 working days in advance of the agreed moving date. Should payment not be received by the move date then the move may be cancelled, unless stated in the contract. If the move goes ahead then payment must be made within 3 days of the move date. If payment is not received by the 3rd working day, then on the 4th working day a fee of £25.00 is added to the balance for collection charges, then an additional £3.20 per day thereafter up to a maximum of £100.00. If payment is not received after this date then the collection will be passed to a debt collection agency. The customer will be subject to the DCA fees, and all costs incurred in the collection of the outstanding amount.

Cancelation Charge
1. If the contract is postponed or cancelled, the Customer may face additional charges according to how much notice is given. ”Work days” refer to the normal working week of Monday to Saturday and excludes Sundays and Public Holidays. The notice periods are:

1.1 More than 14 days before the relocation was due to start: NIL

1.2 Less than 14 days, but more than 8 days before the removal was due to start: 30% of the removal charge.

1.3 Less than 8 days before the removal was due to start: 60% of the relocation charge.

1.4 Less than 48 hours before the removal is due to start: 100% of the relocation charge.

The Contractor’s liability for loss or damage
1 If the customer provides the Contractor with a declaration of the value of goods and agreed to pay an additional charge the amount of the Contractor’s liability will be as follows:

1.1 In the event of loss or damage caused by our negligence or breach of contract, our liability to you will be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of their repair or replacement, taking into account the age and condition of the goods immediately prior to their loss or damage but subject to a maximum liability of £10,000 (unless agreed a higher amount in the contract).

1.2 Where the lost or damaged item is part of a pair or a set, our liability to you, where it is assessed to be the cost of replacement of that item, it is to be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of that item in isolation, not the cost of that item as part of a pair or set.

2 If the customer does not provide the Contractor with a declaration of value of goods then in the event of loss or damage of the goods through our negligence or our breach of contract, the Contractor will pay up to a maximum of £50.00 sterling for each item which is lost or damaged, to cover the cost of repairing or replacing that item. In this respect an item is defined as any one article, suite, pair, set, complete case, package, carton or other container.

2.2 The contractor may choose to repair or replace the damaged or lost item. However if we choose the repair the item we will not be liable for any depreciation in value.

2.3 Other than because of our negligence, we will not be liable for any loss, damage or failure to deliver the goods

The Customer’s obligations
1. To enable the Contractor to perform its obligations the Customer shall

1.1 Co-operate with the removals personnel

1.2 Allow the contractors to carry out their responsibilities. Should the customer or associates assist with any aspect of the moving of items and damage is caused during assistance then no liability shall be held by the supplier or removal contractor.

1.3 Provide the Supplier with any information reasonably required by the Supplier, to assist with the free movement of items to be moved, and to advise of any special requirements or care of particular items.

1.4 Obtain all necessary permissions, parking permits, licenses and customs duties which may be required before the commencement of the services, the cost of which shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer

1.5 Arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other people such as (but not limited to) tenants or workmen are, or will be present.

1.6 Be present or represented during the collection and delivery of the removal – both loading and unloading. The Contractor is not responsible for any goods if the location or property is left unattended.

1.7 Should any damage be incurred then it the Customer’s responsibility to notify the Contractor within 7 working days and provide photographs and a written description of the damage. Liability for damage will only be accepted if it may be proven without reasonable doubt the Contractors have been negligent in the manner in which they have conducted the move.

Storage Facilities
For full storage terms and conditions, please contact Cogistix, our storage partner at http://www.cogistix.co.uk

Cogistix acts as the authorised sales agents on behalf of its client “The Service Provider” for the above service.

Charges & Invoice Terms
Charges for the above service are calculated on a daily basis with invoices rendered in 4 weekly periods. Invoice terms are payment within 30 days of invoice.

Service Handling Charges & Notice
With 48 hours notice given: No Charge

Short Notice (less than 48 hours): Charge Applicable*

Next Day (by 2pm previous day): Charge Applicable*

Same Day (4 hours service): Charge Applicable*

Please note: Short notice of cancellation or postponement may result in applicable charges.

* please contact Cogistix for full details of applicable charges.

Force Majeure
Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery or shortage or unavailability of raw materials from a natural source of supply, and the party shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations.

Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.